UNIT 5 - My body


In this unit we will learn about the parts of the body and also we are going to describe it. Apart from the vocabulary, we will use the "I´ve got...", "which part of yur body is...?" and "Touch your..." structures.


1 To describe parts of our body.
2 To be able to reproduce body parts trough action songs.
3 To Listen actively to stories and show understanding and comprehension of them.


1. Body, head, arms, legs, feet, hands.
2. Face parts
3. Big, little.
4. I´ve got...
5. Which part of the body is that?
6. Touch your...

Competencias / Resultados de Aprendizaje (FP):

C1Competence in linguistic communication
C4 Competence in processing information and use of ICT
C7 Learning to learn
C8 Autonomy and personal initiative.

Criterios de Evaluación:

C.1Has the capacity of participating in an active way in activities in the class.
C.2 To understand the global sense in oral communications situations.
Have the capacity of getting progressively the idea of a global oral message with the help of gestures and mime.
C.3 Reading and Identifying words and sentences
Capacity of Reading words and sentences, reading aloud too and the comprehension of words and sentences, orally previously known.
C.4 To recognise and be able to reproduce aspects such as: Rhythm , entonation and pronunciation.
Daily work:
Performing daily activities proposed with care
Interaction with the group
Communicate ideas
Correct pronunciation and speaking
Correct written texts

En la web:
  1. More body parts worksheets: worksheet
  2. Another nice worksheet: worksheet
  3. Body parts game: game
  4. Another body parts game: game
  5. A good webpage to work with: webpage
Para saber más:

There are hundreds of media stuff in the web. We have selected the ones that could suit your needs according to this unit. Nevertheless, we encourage you to check internet and look for more resources.
You can find some other great body topic materials in this page, with many activities and learning stuff:

Propuestas Didácticas

    This unit will present body parts and some actions. In this unit you will learn how to describe your body. Apart from the vocbulary, we will use the "I´ve got...", "which part of yur body is...?" and "Touch your..." structures.

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