UNIT 8 - Food


This unit will allow studets to get a first contact with food vocbulary and important communicative structures such as: "What do you like?, "do you like?" and "I like-I don´t like". We have made a selection from the huge amount of activities that you can find in the web.
There are some big group activities and some other individual, to be worked with a computer.
Hope you find it interesting and useful.


To learn vocabulary related with food in a meaningful context.
To express likes and dislikes.
To interact with others to express our opinions about food.
To be able of stablising interaction in communicative activities.


1. Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, orange juice, cheese, peaches, food, fruits and vegetables.
2. Thank you, Yes, No, Please.
3. Do you like ? What fruit do you like?
4. I like/ I dont like
5. Yes I do( No I dont)
6. What colour is your favourite fruit?
7. My favourite food is...
8. Yummy! Yuk!

Competencias / Resultados de Aprendizaje (FP):

C1 Competence in linguistic communication
C4 Competence in processing information and use of ICT
C8 Autonomy and personal initiative.

Criterios de Evaluación:

C1 Oral Communication
Has the capacity of answering in a simple way to instructions or asking them for any information f ex: introduce yourself, saying hello/good-bye, introduce yourself, ask for help or talking about likes.
C3 Reading and Identifying words and sentences
C4 To write words, known expressions and sentences.
Be able of writing words, known expressions, and sentences from different models. And based in a previous model.
Daily work:
Performing daily activities proposed with care
Interaction with the group
Communicate ideas
Correct pronunciation and speaking
Correct written texts

En la web:
  1. More food flashcards: flashcards
  2. Another pdf file with nice food flashcards: flashcards
  3. A 24 flashcards food song: song
  4. A collection of 18 videos with specific foods & cooking songs: 18 songs
  5. A page with quite a lot games related to food and drinks vocabulary: game
Para saber más:

There are hundreds of media stuff in the web. We have selected the ones that could suit your needs according to this unit. Nevertheless, we encourage you to check internet and look for more resources.
You can find some other great food resources in:
With lots of activities and interesting links to audio exercises.
Some other activities related to foods are:

Propuestas Didácticas

    In this unit we are working with food vocabulary and the structures "What do you like?", "Do you like?" "I like/I don´t like".
    Students have songs, games and stories to listen. Some games are to be done in groups, other individually.
    Also, there are speaking, reading and writing activities.

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