UNIT 9 - My family and me


Unit to learn about vocabulary related to famiiy and pronouns. "Who is this?" "How are you?" "I’m fine thank you" "See you soon"


To learn how to introduce yourself and members in your family.
To show to the rest of the class through different activities members in your family.
To observe different family models.


My dad/Mum name is…………
I have one/ two brothers/ sisters.
My sister/ brother is a baby.
"Who is this?"
"How are you?"
"I’m fine thank you"
"See you soon"

Competencias / Resultados de Aprendizaje (FP):

C1Competence in linguistic communication
C5 Competence in social skills and citizenship
C7 Learning to learn
C8 Autonomy and personal initiative.

Criterios de Evaluación:

C.1 Oral Communication.
Has the capacity of participating in an active way in activities in the class.
C.2 To understand the global sense in oral communications situations
Have the capacity of getting progressively the idea of a global oral message with the help of gestures and mime.
Are able to recognize and understand key words and basic expressions related with class activities.
C.4 To write words, known expressions and sentences.
C.5 To recognise and be able to reproduce aspects such as: Rhythm Entonation and Pronunciation.
C.7 To participate, make efforts ,and to show interest in learning a language.

En la web:
  1. More family worksheets in this page: worksheets
  2. Another nice family worksheets page: worksheet
  3. Family vocabulary test game: test
  4. Another family game: game
  5. A hangman game: hangman game
Para saber más:

There are hundreds of media stuff in the web. We have selected the ones that could suit your needs according to this unit. Nevertheless, we encourage you to check internet and look for more resources.
You can find some other great family topic materials in this page, with many activities and learning stuff:

Propuestas Didácticas

    This unit will present family members and some actions. In this unit you will learn how to describe your family. Apart from the vocbulary, we will use the "I´ve got...", "which part of yur body is...?" and "Touch your..." structures.

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