UD4. Passport to the world


In this unit you'll open a window to the world so that you'll discover different facts and ways of life around the planet.
Are you ready to start the trip?


To listen and understand general and specific information of oral texts in different communicative situations, showing a respectful and cooperative attitude.
• To orally express and interact in usual communicative situations in an understandable, adequate and partly autonomous way.
• To develop the necessary attitudes, work habits and strategies for the acquisition of the foreign language using all their means at their disposal, such as the collaboration with other people to reach their learning objectives or the use of diverse resources, especially of information technologies and communication, to obtain, select and present information both orally and in written form.
• To become aware of the differences and similarities between countries in the world.


-Use of strategies (such as context) to understand oral texts, previous knowledge of the situation and identification of key words.
-Oral production of descriptions and short explanations about different events.

-Use of strategies to identify the main idea of a text.
-Production of varied texts in different communicative situations using cohesive elements.
-Correct use of spelling and punctuation.

-Understanding and use of structures and functions appropriate for different situations.
-Organization of individual work as a strategy to make progress in learning.
-Development of attitudes, procedures and strategies that allow groupwork.

-Value the foreign language as a means of communication and of access to information about significant cultural aspects through different sources.
-Identification of general features and the most significant differences between the customs, uses, attitudes and values of English-speaking-countries and their own.

Competencias / Resultados de Aprendizaje (FP):

• Linguistic competence
• Digital competence
• Social and civic competence
• Cultural awareness and expression
• Learning to learn

Criterios de Evaluación:

• Ability to organize teamwork in a balanced way.
• Being able to understand and produce texts both individually and in groupwork.
• Ability to transmit the information gathered in a sequenced, clear and original way.

En la web:

To review countries and nationalities you may use:
- Countries and Nationalities video
- Europe's song
- Exercises

Para saber más:

There are many pages to work the contents of this unit. You can find some links on "en la web" section.

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